InbEx is an intelligent way of knowing what’s in your SMS inbox in an instant. Keep your inbox statistics on the tip of your fingers through this intuitive easy to use app. InbEx lets you know your inbox like never before.


InbEx Features

Displays statistics view for sent and received messages Including:
Total Number of Sent and Received messages
List of Favorite Contacts
Average Message Size
Most Common Words Used
Peak Hours: Most Messages Sent and Received
Date Specific: Most Messages Sent and Received on Specified Date Range
Pie-Chart View: Shows the distribution of Inbox and Outbox numbers
Set & View Date Specific Stats for current month or week or for any specific date/date range
SMS Export Utility: (Integrated with DropBox)
Save in TXT or XML formats
Backup Messages on to an SD card or Upload them directly to DropBox
Export Messages from Inbox or Outbox 
Support for both Timespan and Contact based export
Supports Android 2.3+ (Ginger Bread) onward 



InbEx provides comprehensive statistics of your incoming and outgoing messages, to download click



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